Editorial Illustration

So it is the end of the 1st year and to be perfectly honest, I think it went too quickly! 
I thought I had better show a bit of course work from the final term, but don't worry another cat doodle will inevitably be on its way soon. These are a few images for an 'Applied Illustration' project, focusing on editorial illustration. Working conceptually has been brilliant fun, who'd have thunk?

'Unforgettable' - An article about a woman who is unable to forget.

'Dig Your Own Doctor' - An article about growing your own medicine.

'Can Worries Really Be Sealed In An Envelope?' - An article discussing methods of finding closure.

'Are Our Lives A Journey, A River, Or Perhaps A Pizza?' - An article philosophizing over the meaning of life. 

 And some sketch book thinking:
Lots of ideas.


  1. I love seeing the sketchbook thinking... I think Picasso called it "Thinking on paper".
    Great designs!

  2. Thank you! Yes its intriguing to see how different people get their ideas onto paper

  3. I love these Emily, but please don't leave it too long before another cat doodle appears on the scene :D :D :D xoxo

  4. These are really good, I especially like the last one!
    Looking forward to second year? It's a blast. :)

  5. Thanks! Yeah I can't wait :)

  6. Ooooh! I love your sketchbooks. I love looking at other people's sketches. Yours have totally captivated me. Great work!

  7. Your sketchbook in amazing! are you still in Falmouth? I'm on my first year here. :)


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