Sketch Book

Sometimes I forget to share my drawings and scribbles, which is bonkers because I draw all the time. I've scanned a few pages from my diary, hope you enjoy / are interested! 
(drawings are mostly straight from my head, and a few observational-ish)


  1. Hi!
    These are so cool... I especially like the cats. :) You're so good at drawing animals!
    Just wondering why you draw in blue? I think it looks awesome.
    Tertia :)

    1. Hi Tertia, thanks!

      Good question. I think it is mostly down to finding grey boring. I find graphite messy and it always smudges. Its easier to get a nice line quality in blue crayon. It gives nice mid-tones, but can also get pretty dark with a bit of pressure! Basically, I find blue is a very forgiving colour.

      I hope that makes sense?! :-)

  2. Ah, cool! It's so unique and awesome! I have never thought of doing sketches in different colours! :D


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