Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sketch Book

Sometimes I forget to share my drawings and scribbles, which is bonkers because I draw all the time. I've scanned a few pages from my diary, hope you enjoy / are interested! 
(drawings are mostly straight from my head, and a few observational-ish)

Saturday, 4 May 2013

'Quotes & Sayings' no.8

Yesterday was an exciting day because copies of the 'Illustrated Book of Quotes and Sayings' finally arrived! Its nice to see my zoo illustration in a book. I'll be toting copies around London next week, hopefully finding a few nice new homes. Its a super cool book, show casing Falmouth Illustration students. Everyone should buy a copy. :-)

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Mini and Max

Hi Bloggers! I thought it was about time to post my latest picture book, incidentally the last book of my degree. Dum dum duuum!

I had fun making this one. It sounds cheesy, but I found writing it came naturally. Although I should probably add it is only 50 words long. The story stars a small, quiet, borderline obsessive-compulsive cat called Mini and a large, loud, undeniably mucky pup named Max. They have their ups and they have their downs, but despite all their differences they still remain the best of friends. Life is a bumpy road, right?

NB: Mini and Max are 100% inspired by my good friends Max and George. Credit where credit is due.

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